Table of Contents (Fall, 2021)

The Undergraduate Journal of History 

Volume 1, Number 2

Fall 2021

Message From The Editors


Anglo-Spanish Relations in the Sixteenth Century: The Twisted Road to the Spanish Armada

Ariana Cuevas

Quarantine in 18th And 19th Century England: Epidemics and Empires

Jacqueline Isero

Breaking News: Fox News and MSNBC in a Divided America

Winnie Lam

God and Politics: John Knox and the Scottish Reformation

Megan Tien

Witchcraft Treatises in Early Modern Europe

Kayla Ouerbacker

Building the Empire: How the Adoption of Neo-Gothic Architecture Led to the Creation of an Imperial Network of Architects

Sara Marcus

The Pandemic in the Immigrant Home: Oral Histories of First-Generation Los Angeles

Taylor Mcleod

Freedom Cannot be Given: An Analysis of the Significance of Women in the Cultural Revolution

Zhen Tian

The Interwoven Nature of the Changing English Aristocracy and the English Country House, 1700-1890

John Young

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