Table of Contents | 3.1 (Spring 2023)

The Undergraduate Journal of History 

Volume 3, Number 1

Spring 2023

Message From The Editors


Conditions for Successful Relations: Elizabeth I’s Foreign Policy Towards Muslim Rulers

Olivia Bauer

Manufacturing Murder: A Timeline of Events that Led to the Final Solution in Germany,  Poland and Ukraine, 1933-1943

Adrian Hammer

The Child as a Solution and as a Problem: The Youth of the French Revolution

Victoria Korotchenko

Beauty, Intellect, & Pneumatological Liberation: Reconsidering Sorjuana as a Proto-Feminist Theologian

Alyssa Lyn Medin

A Separate War: The Quest for Identity in Military Orders After the Crusades

Kevin O’Gorman

From Reunification to Normalization: Twenty Years of Vietnam, 1975-1995

Susan Samardjian

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