Table of Contents – Spring 2021

The Undergraduate Journal of History 

Volume 1, Number 1

Spring 2021

Message From The Editors


New Park, Old Labels: Appropriation of the Male Tongzhi Identity as a Tool of Taiwanese Nationalism During and After Martial Law

Jody (Jui Chun) Chen

How to Lose a Supreme Court Nominee in 115 Days: The Story of the Robert Bork Confirmation and Its Legacy Today

Calvin Chiu

Rising Sun Revolutions: Ashio Miners’ Radical Struggle Against Labor Policies in Early Twentieth-Century Japan 

Woodrow Davidson

Reinventing the Past: Remembering the Cultural Revolution and Red Detachment of Women — An Exploration of Chinese Revolutionary Ballet

Grace Levine

Saving the Damned: British Missionary Women and Visions of the East

Mark Maldonado 

The India Pale Ale: Tool of British Colonial Expansion 

Nicholas Mehle

Demonolatry and Lorraine: Witch Trials of the Late Sixteenth Century

Kassandra Ortega 

Strikes and Perestroika: The Working-Class Call to the Dissolution of the Soviet Union

Erik Rubalcaba

State Instituted Sexual Violence: How the Northern Irish State Weaponised Gender to Enforce Authority During the Troubles, 1968-1998

Alice Symington 

The Georgian Royal Navy: Rules, Regulations, Violations, and Agency

Marc Tsuno

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