Table of Contents – Spring 2022

The Undergraduate Journal of History 

Volume 2, Number 1

Spring 2022

Message From The Editors


From Dr. Du Bois to Brother Baraka: Maoism and United States Black Liberation Movements

David Adams

Crime and Punishment: Child Pickpockets in Nineteenth-Century Great Britain

Erica Bade

The Staging of Jefferson: Gilbert Gable, Stanton Delaplane, and the 1941 Jefferson Statehood Movement

Charlie Borah 

Policy and Media’s Role in the Failures of The War on Drugs

Sage Ceja

The Exiles of The Imperial Princesses as Proof of the Julian Monarchy

Maria Rosario Katsulos

Bolsonaro and History: The Controlling Cycle

Iuri Macedo Piovezan

Blooming Landscapes” and The Last Divide

Irene Rauch

Revolution in Cuba and Guatemala: What did Latin American revolutionary movements from the 1950s to the 1970s seek to achieve and how?

Santiago Rodriguez

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