Current Members

Students enrolled in the UCSB History Department’s HIST 196 J* Series are the creative drivers behind the content shared on this site. We think we’re fun.

Giselle Cruz (2020 –
Giselle is a senior at UCSB where she is pursuing a major in History of Public Policy and Law and a minor in Museum Studies. She is interested in the late-20th and early-21st century public policy in the United States and East Asia as well as the decolonization of museums. Giselle hopes to pursue a career in civil law upon graduation. Giselle is fluent in Spanish, enjoys learning about other cultures, and is practicing her Korean (as she hopes to study abroad in Seoul in the future).

Marisol Cruz (2021-)
Marisol Cruz is a third-year pursuing a major in History of Public Policy and Law major and a minor in English. She is interested in 20th and 21st century U.S. public policy, U.S. cultural and social history, and historical memory. When she’s not on a Zoom call, she loves discovering new music and going to coffee shops. After graduation, Marisol plans to attend law school. .
Madeline Josa (2021 –
Madeline is a third-year majoring in History and Dance, and is especially interested in historical dress and how it reflects evolving gender roles over time and women’s history and culture. Last year, Madeline was a research assistant for Professor Alicia Boswell on a project about pre-Columbian art where she helped start a database of museums housing pre-Columbian artifacts. In her free time, Madeline enjoys reading and is rarely seen without a cup of coffee in hand.



Emily Diaz (2021-)
Emily Diaz (She/They) is a fourth-year student studying History and Sociology at UC Santa Barbara. Their interests include 18th century Carribean History and how it connects to regions of Central America. Besides her academic interests, she is the coordinator for the MultiCultural Centers Jackson Social Justice Scholarship program. On their days off, Emily enjoys cooking new dishes, creating playlists on spotify, and reading her favorite novels. Her plans after graduation are to attend graduate school under a History or Education program.
Adam Majcher (2021-
Adam is a third-year political science and history double major, who is particularly interested in the intertwining of international politics and history. When he’s not on Zoom calls or ruining his sleep schedule, he enjoys riding his bike by the beach, exploring the city, playing tennis, and creating post-pandemic plans. After graduation, he plans on going to law school to study entertainment or international law and to eventually buy a pirate ship to sail the world.

Jocelyn Ortiz (2021-)
Jocelyn is a fourth-year History of Public Policy and Law major from San Diego, California. She is interested in pursuing an international policy making career after college and working in the U.S. Italian or a Latin American embassy. When not consumed by academic and student body obligations, Jocelyn enjoys watching video essays on youtube, getting boba, going to the beach and online shopping.
Sujitha Polimera (2021-)
Sujitha is a second-year pursuing a major in Economics and a minor in History. She is interested in public policy, American history, and South Asian history. In her free time, Sujitha goes on walks, looks at plants, or reads a few books. Sujitha has no set plans for what she will do after college, but for now hopes to attend graduate school.

Humberto Rico (2021 –
Humberto is a fourth-year Political Science and History double major at UC Santa Barbara. He is interested in 18th and 19th Century American history, American Constitutional history and Contemporary Venezuelan history. After graduating, Humberto wants to pursue law school and work in the non-profit sector. Outside of school, he enjoys listening to podcasts, listening to rap music, and watching soccer.

Gagan Singh (2021)
Gagan is a third-year Biological Sciences major from Modesto, California. He is interested in learning more about international and domestic policy, but is currently undecided on what to pursue after college or if he should change his major. When not doing schoolwork, he enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and spending time in nature with his friends.

John Young (2021-)
John Young is a fourth-year history major from San Diego, California. John’s chief historical interests are global empires and the history of food. He plans to complete an honors thesis next year, and after graduation, he hopes to attend law school. When not engaged in his studies, John enjoys fitness, horseback riding, cooking, and playing golf.
Keren Zou (2021-)
Keren is a third-year double major in History of Public and Public Policy & Geography with a minor in Asian American Studies. She comes from Shenyang, China. She is particularly interested in Asian American History, Immigration History, and Food History. Her first independent research project Were They Fit Citizens: Opium-Chinese Representation in 1865-1885 U.S. Public Sphere was presented at the 2021 JHU Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium. She is currently doing a second project related to Asian American Food History, In addition to the academic interests, she also served at the Campus Learning Assistance Service as a writing tutor, and the president of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association for 2021-2022. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, gardening, swimming, and travelling.